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Epson ET-2760 Print Profile Settings for Glossy Stickers

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

About a year ago I wrote a post about the various printable vinyl sticker papers I had tried with my Epson Eco-Tank 2760 printer, and for as little promotion and updating as I do to this website I've been a little surprised at the amount of views and Amazon associate activity that one review has garnered, so thank you all for that, I hope it saved you some time.

Over the last quarter of 2021 I've been using the printer a little more heavily as bands have requested stickers, and I most recently print and cut a run of 50 CD sleeves for which I'll eventually do a tutorial blog, but the reason for this update is because Linda reached out on my Facebook page today (on my birthday!) asking for help with print quality settings on this sticker paper. Over the last week I'd been thinking about updating with that very information because I've had such consistent results recently on these long print runs.

These settings are for my previously reviewed favorite printable vinyl, LD brand 8.5"x11" Water Resistant Photo Sticker Paper (GLOSSY) 100 pack, MSRP $22.23. This is an associate link, as with the others in this blog, and if you make the purchase, I am compensated monetarily. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Part 1

With paper type set to Premium Photo Paper Glossy in the ET-2760 Series Properties application during print preparation, click the Print Quality dropdown menu and select More Settings to make the Quality Settings window appear.

Slide the bar to the right for highest quality print and click Ok. The left end of the slider optimizes for Speed at the cost of Quality.