Sometimes I appear at concerts and record some songs of some bands, sometimes I capture an entire set, and sometimes I collaborate with other content creators for additional angles.

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Legions ov the Order 2022

Tacoma black metal festival

June 10th-11th hosted by Kvlt Mead

Infested by Order ov the Black Arts

Video, editing and mastering by DeathMetalMama, with additional footage of Black Fucking Cancer courtesy John Malley and Michael Litteral, who retain rights to their provided materials.


VHS Project

Schmutzhund, a blackened crust punk band from around Seattle, began playing in front of a live audience in March 2022 and Jerald, the drummer/vocalist, had the idea to have several videographers capture their live performances on different camera formats, including VHS tape.

All VHS footage from the following videos was captured by DeathMetalMama, on equipment provided by Jerald. Sound was captured on his Tascam and all video digitized and edited by Jerald Luckenbach, who retains all rights.

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