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Updated: Jul 15, 2022

The first ever "DeathMetalMama production"

Saturday, April 16th 2022 at The Valley in Tacoma, Death Metal Mama presents Schmutzhund, Primordial Atrocity, and Versipul! Click a band to skip to a section.

$10 donation at the door, doors open at 8 for equipment load in, and music starts at 9pm with Versipul (heavy metal), followed by Primordial Atrocity (technical death metal), and Schmutzhund (blackened crust punk) closing the night, filmed with an old VHS camcorder.


Versipul play an intense set that includes covers of crowd favorite metal songs from a variety of influences. They're so new to the scene, I thought I'd try and be the first to upload a video of them to YouTube, and let you know that their debut album is in the works! Here are clips from video I shot on March 25th, 2022, of Versipul's first performance at Kvlt Mead here in Tacoma. The crowd energy they manage is what really struck me the first time I ran into one of their shows, at Plaid Pig on a night my phone died, so when I saw they were coming to Kvlt to play with Verota and Voidthrone, I had to bring a few friends. One guy at this show compared singer Clayton Scott to a young Henry Rollins, and I get it.

Versipul are playing at Casey's Bar and Grill in Kent the night before this show.

Follow Versipul on: bandcamp // facebook // instagram

Shoutout to Mama Versipul!


Primordial Atrocity is the only band on the lineup on 04/16/2022 at The Valley that I have not seen live yet, and since their EP they got a new drummer and have been writing a concept album with an overlying story arc. This guitar playthrough of new song "Parasitic Amalgamation" on their YouTube channel got my damn attention.

Here's a great interview they did with Heather Leigh Dyson of Thurston Talk last summer where they discuss the concept of the album, the introduction of new band members, and why the only music you'll find they've released is so different from what you'll hear live.

Primordial Atrocity has a ton of shows coming up, there's one on the 13th in Seattle, this show I'm promoting is Saturday the 16th of April at The Valley, Friday the 22nd is an All Ages show at Real Art Tacoma, and May 19th finds them at The Plaid Pig. You have several dates available to catch them live coming up quick, check the calendar on their website!

Follow Primordial Atrocity on: their website // bandcamp // facebook // instagram


I met Schmutzhund for the first time at the first Seattle Metal & Punk Meet Up at Plaid Pig on March 1st, 2020--the day after the first confirmed death from COVID in the U.S. Foot traffic was lower than expected, but I continued to follow them through lockdown and the release of "They Produce This Escalation".

I barely got any video before lockdown, so when they put out a call for film crew to record their first performances after mask mandate was lifted, I had to do it! Below are clips from their re-debut at McCoy's Tavern in Olympia a few weeks ago; one song from their 2020 album, and two that have yet to be recorded.

The next recording date is their show at The Plaid Pig on April 30th

with Open Veins, Florida Man, and Xynox

Follow Schmutzhund on: bandcamp // facebook // instagram

Audio was recorded with a Tascam clipped to the sound booth, thanks to McCoy's staff!

Fun fact: "Schmutzhund" [sh-muh-tz-hoont] is German for "dirty dog"


Flyers designed by DeathMetalMama.

Follow Death Metal Mama and Death Metal Mama Productions on fb for future events.


Updated: Jul 15, 2022

About a year ago I wrote a post about the various printable vinyl sticker papers I had tried with my Epson Eco-Tank 2760 printer, and for as little promotion and updating as I do to this website I've been a little surprised at the amount of views and Amazon associate activity that one review has garnered, so thank you all for that, I hope it saved you some time.

Over the last quarter of 2021 I've been using the printer a little more heavily as bands have requested stickers, and I most recently print and cut a run of 50 CD sleeves for which I'll eventually do a tutorial blog, but the reason for this update is because Linda reached out on my Facebook page today (on my birthday!) asking for help with print quality settings on this sticker paper. Over the last week I'd been thinking about updating with that very information because I've had such consistent results recently on these long print runs.

These settings are for my previously reviewed favorite printable vinyl, LD brand 8.5"x11" Water Resistant Photo Sticker Paper (GLOSSY) 100 pack, MSRP $22.23. This is an associate link, as with the others in this blog, and if you make the purchase, I am compensated monetarily. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Part 1

With paper type set to Premium Photo Paper Glossy in the ET-2760 Series Properties application during print preparation, click the Print Quality dropdown menu and select More Settings to make the Quality Settings window appear.

Slide the bar to the right for highest quality print and click Ok. The left end of the slider optimizes for Speed at the cost of Quality.


Part 2

Once you click Ok and leave the Quality Settings window, click the middle tab on the top left of the Print Properties application, titled More Options. Here you find Printing Presets on the left, which I'll cover in a moment, but first, on the bottom right side in the Additional Settings section, make sure High Speed is not checked. It is the second option in that list, after "Rotate 180 degrees."

If you don't use a print preset, High Speed will revert to the Checked position after each print run because Eco-Tank printers prioritize ink savings. Let's make a preset now.


Part 3

Create a Printing Preset for each material as you dial settings in, so you don't have to do it manually anymore. On the left side of the More Options tab as seen above, click the button that says "Add /Remove Presets..." to open the Custom Settings window, pictured below.

  • Create a name for the preset in the field on the top right

  • Select an icon in the horizontal slider below that

  • Write an optional comment about the preset in the field below that

Mine is titled Glossy Sticker Printing, with an icon of a photograph, and comments read " glossy photo sticker paper ideal color preset."

Underneath the comments box is a line with the date and time of the preset creation for future reference in case you update settings later, and below that you will now click Save. You can then Close this window, and the next time you need to print stickers on the LD Glossy Inkjet Photo Sticker Paper, you can just click that preset in the lefthand panel instead of manually adjusting any settings again.

Hopefully this saves you some material and energy, catch me on Instagram or Facebook if you need further assistance, but remember I don't work for Epson and haven't been trained in their tech support, I'm just DIYing and posting my results as I test things privately.


If you found this post helpful, consider a tip!






Check out my Step by Step Guide for Printing and Cutting your own stickers with an Epson EcoTank ET-2760 and Cricut vinyl cutter

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